Friday, April 2, 2010

Poetry Blitz, Two.

This post is the second installation of book ends'
National Poetry Month poetry blitz! Read about it here.

Three Weddings in October
[From Whatever Shines (White Pine Press, 2001)]

How do you give up your names so easily,
like old coats, like bright shells?
Gone like Saturdays near Lake Michigan, heat
and jumping dogs, collapsing tents and pines.
Lost just this year: Wilkins, Winslow, Burris,
while deejay spins and calls, "Ladies and gents,
for their very first dance, Mr. and Mrs. ..."
And when the light hits your shiny cheeks,
when you gather your uncontrollable dress,
why should I blame you? The hall table
is piled with gifts; all we can do is raise
rented champagne flutes and wish you well.
But your satin and daisy bouquet stains
me; it bounces near me, it lands near my name.

L. Stacks

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