Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Photos: The Venue, Bridal Attire & Ceremony

Alright, lovely readers, the day has finally arrived! I have the first installation of photos from our wedding for you all to peek at! I hope you're as excited to view these as I am to share them!

The Venue:

Ceremony & reception location: The Felt Estate in Holland, MI.

(from the website:)
The Felt Estate is beautifully situated ten miles south of Holland (Michigan)
and six miles north of Saugatuck, the Felt Estate was once the
luxurious summer home and hobby of self-made millionaire
and inventor Dorr E. Felt. The mansion, listed on the
National Register of Historic Places and the Michigan State
Register of Historic Sites, retains the architectural beauty of a
bygone era and offers a glimpse into the wealth and lifestyle of the
Roaring 20s – a time cut short by The Great Depression.

... and some even say that the grounds are haunted! (Though we didn't
head about this until after we had booked the place... happily, there
were no haunts during our big day!)

I (we) loved the venue for many different reasons. First of all, we wanted an
outdoor wedding and reception, but also wanted the security of having
and indoor space at our disposal in case of bad weather, etc. I, personally,
have a soft place for preserved buildings, as my grandmother dedicated
many years of her life volunteering for a historic house in my hometown.
Not only this, but unlike big reception halls, The Felt Estate puts
all of its proceeds directly toward the restoration of the grounds and house.

Some interior photos of the preserved estate:

And now, the bridal attire:

Dress: Destination Bridal Gown 1011 by The Dessy Group
Headband: Anthropologie

Pearl Beaded Belt: handmade by my mom, from antique pearls,
beads and buttons (some of which were from jewelry of my grandmother's)

Shoes: Tellado Sandal by Aldo (with pearls, blue beads, and
vintage earrings added by my mom)

Bridal Bouquet: handmade by my mom (yes, this is becoming a theme!)
made from old jewelry of my grandmother's, and other vintage pieces)

The Ceremony:

Watching the guests arrive from the second floor window.
(Funny story: all my bridesmaids were telling me to keep
away from the window, so that no one would see me before
the ceremony, but I just said that the guests would just think
it was a ghost bride haunting the grounds!)

Both my dad and my grandfather (my dad's dad) walked me down
the aisle to give me away.

Our guests! (We were worried about only providing enough
seating for half of our guests, but in the end, I think
we ended up with a more intimate setting, and since our
ceremony was very short--it was cold out!--I don't think
it was too terrible for anyone.)

Our ceremony was very simple and down-to-earth. Our officiant was my high school
English teacher, also the wife of the pastor of the church I attended as a child.
T's cousin read a passage from The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, and our
pianist (a friend's brother) played music by Stephen Speaks, U2 and a handful of hymns.

"You may kiss the bride."

Mr. & Mrs. Yamaoka!

I hope you enjoyed these! More to come soon! (The reception, our posed pictures, etc.)


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wow what beautiful pictures! that house is AMAZING! you look oh so beautiful in that dress!

congratulations newlywed!!


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cb- Thank you so much!

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