Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Train Nostalgia

Lately, when I ride the train, I think about my grandmother. Maybe it's because I sit in the swaying car, studying the other passenger's reflections in the windows--a curiosity I'm sure I inherited from her. Maybe the other old women with their thin bones and draped skin and lipsticked mouths remind me of her. Or maybe it's just the only time I let my mind wander long enough to rest on her memory: on the way she answered the telephone with a clearing of her throat, on her small chuckle I hope I can pull off as an old woman, on the way I never wanted to hug her too tight because her body felt like a stiff brown leaf meant just to hold in your palm.

[Image: Dorothy Spry circa 1960]

L. Stacks

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David Stacks said...

You know so much about your G-ma's. You have great insight. They both had that. They both loved to "go out", especially for dinner. When I first started to hang out at dinner with your Grandma Spry, she would find a table in the restaurant, point to a chair and tell me to "sit there". I always thought it was odd. One day your mom mentioned it to her as we were getting seated. She just did that little "chuckle" you mentioned, saying; "David is a people watcher like me, he needs to sit where 'we' can watch everyone." So you get it from both sides.