Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding Photos: The Reception

*Finally* the last installment of pictures from our wedding. These have been a long time coming, but I finally found some time to get them uploaded during my little Christmas vacation. Better late than never, right? (And again, pictures by Casey of Hello Love Photo!)

Here's our reception!

For the reception, we rented a large, 3-peaked tent from The Rental Company
and camped out next to The Felt Estate's water garden & front patio. The weather
wasn't the most cooperative, but we had sides for the tent, two large heaters
and plenty of good music (DJ: Dance Tracks) to keep people warm!

In lieu of a guest book, we asked our guests to sign bottles of wine with paint pens,
and then when we drink the wine we will toast to our guests!

The centerpieces for the tables consisted of the following: vintage framed silhouette
table numbers (they were all my grandmother's), antique blue Mason jars holding
candles and flowers (feverfew & other small white daisy-like wildflowers), and
colorful origami cranes paper-clipped for place cards (see images below).

At the head table, we had gold frames with name cards for each person in our wedding
party, and hanging from these frames were strands of gold origami cranes.

The story behind the origami cranes goes like this: In Japan, it is an ancient legend (called “sembazuru”) that one thousand origami cranes will grant one thousand years of happiness and prosperity to a couple on their wedding day (and T is half Japanese). While some traditions maintain that the couple should fold all the cranes together (to learn patience, tolerance, and understanding), others claim that the one thousand cranes are usually a wedding gift to the couple from a close friend or family member. Our own batch of one thousand cranes was a mixture of the two traditions—we folded many of the cranes ourselves and also had help from many different friends and family members from all over the country.

Our wedding cake was cheesecake from Sinful Cheesecakes, and as their name
suggests, they are sinfully good. My aunt, who own Spry Signs and Graphics, in my
hometown, crafted our silhouette cake toppers from plexiglass (and yes, that's really us!)

Our first dance: Everything's Right by Matt Wertz

Daddy-daughter dance: Pride & Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan

And finally, our guests dancing the night away!

It really is amazing how much time and energy is put into one day that flies by so quickly. I know it's a total cliche, but our wedding day was honestly my favorite day of my life so far because it was so cool to see all the most important people from both our lives (and from our past and present) come together to celebrate and bond over our union. Not only that, but marrying T felt so incredibly natural and right that the day just felt like we were throwing the best party we've ever thrown rather than some incredible life-changing event. It honestly was a celebration of our relationship and never felt big and scary, at least to me. I would relive that day all the time, if I could.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpses (one, two) into our wedding day!

L. Stacks

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