Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Poetry Month!

Again this year, I will celebrate National Poetry Month in Chicago. This means that as I walk down the sidewalks without my winter coat and breathe in the springlike air, I don't really see the effects of National Poetry Month. No one can be seen wearing berets, carrying bongos. I don't hear an overabundance of metaphors. To put it simply: I am disappointed.

At Hope College, where I received my undergraduate degree, NPM is starts with a bang--or, a blitz. As a combined April Fool's Day/NPM event, students wake up on April 1st to find the campus sprinkled with poems: taped on doors, windows, sidewalk squares, or tied to trees and bikes. Little elves have been hard at work all night long to make sure that even non-English majors at Hope College can experience Billy Collins or Walt Whitman or even their fellow students' poetry. Janitors have contacted English professors, telling them that they sat around during their lunch breaks reading the print-outs, keeping them tucked next to their mops and buckets.

So, what will follow over the next month will be a (small) poetry blitz of my own. Enjoy, and I only wish you could have stumbled upon these treasures hanging from a tree or maybe in your mailbox.

L. Stacks

(Note: this post is a repeat of a post from a year ago, but in order to explain my intentions, I decided to repost it. Why try to say it again, when I already explained it best?)

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Mandy said...

Does this mean I might get a poem taped to my door? :)