Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bummer Tuesday & Thesis Work

My apologies to my faithful readers who have been waiting patiently for a new blogpost (that's you, Kristina!), but Monday and Tuesday were a bit hectic for some reason. Yesterday I was planning on blogging about the anthology release, but I just ended up really bummed out because neither Barnes & Noble or Border's had the book in yet, and mine hadn't arrived in the mail. (At one point, I looked outside and a brown box was sticking out of the top of our mailbox. Giddy, I ran outside in my slippers, but it was an Anthropologie box for one of my roomates... needless to say I was pretty let down, but at least it was a package from my favorite store.)

Anway, I did get quite a bit of my thesis writtten over the weekend, and then I also got an extension, which I really hate to do, but I want the chapters I turn in to be pretty decently revised so that my thesis readers don't just reiterate what I've already heard in workshop.

Writing takes a lot of time for me. I'm sure I've shared this before, but I'll go ahead and do it again... I always, always write by hand. If I don't write by hand, the quality diminished and people can actually tell the difference! (I had a professor in undergrad who picked out the 4 people in the class that had written an assignment by hand, and on the second day of class, even!) I write on lined paper, in all capital letters, very slowly. This is so that I don't get ahead of myself--in fact, I try to only think about the sentence that I am writing that very second.

Then, a couple of days later I take my computer out and type up everything that I've written, and do a very small first revision. I try not to make huge changes, but just tweak some things or add some minute description. This is the part that I dislike the most, the point that feel so time-consuming. But after 4 years of writing this way, I am 100% convinced that it is actually the fastest way to write. (Slow and steady wins the race, anyone?)

So this week I'm just taking it slow and working on the scenes that need some help in my thesis. I think I'll have about 12 more pages to write by Monday, but I'm not too worried--actually, I'm pretty excited because 12 more pages would put my total word count over 100 pages!

Happy (slow) writing,

L. Stacks


Jen said...

Slow and steady also wins the race in science Laurain. Never helps to rush, you usually have to re-do it.

Lauren Stacks said...

Well it's good to know that I'm not the only one then. I'm excited to see you guys this weekend!

emily said...

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