Monday, January 18, 2010

book ends movie list: Up in the Air

It's still January, I think that it's perfectly fine that I still am making New Year's resolutions. So I have one more to add to my list (which I'm actually doing okay with so far!): watch more movies (in theaters). I figure that since movies, too, deal with the writing industry, I need to make sure that I am up-to-date on what's going on out there.

So, since my installation of my book ends book list posts, I've decided to start another list for the year--my 2010 "book ends movie list." So first up for the year: Up in the Air.

1. I really enjoyed this movie--the plot was fresh and interesting, and I felt invested in the characters. I thought Anna Kendrick's performance in this movie was much better than in both Twilight and New Moon, and I adored George Clooney. What I liked the most about this film was the thoughtfulness behind it. What's it's about, really, is the coldhearted feel of many businesses today (especially with all of the layoffs and cuts), and also about baggage: the people and things that are important to us, and why. While I wouldn't exactly call this movie cheery, I did leave the theater feeling hopeful, which is always a plus in my book.

Also, I'm finally going to get around to seeing Avatar on Friday and I can't wait!

L. Stacks


Chitownmez said...

Just wondering if you had read the novel before seeing the movie? I haven't.

jwitten said...

Did you notice all the Herman Miller furniture!? I know a little nerdy but that is what I am paid for right?

Adam Morgan said...

I ended up liking Up in the Air even more than Avatar. Definitely see the latter in 3D!