Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poetry Blitz, Seven.

This post is the seventh installation of book ends'
National Poetry Month poetry blitz! Read about it here.

Reasons Not To Have a Daughter
[From Ninth Letter Vol 5, Issue 1]

She’ll shed like a dove,
molt and scrap and reassess
herself in patches like crops
gridding land from above.

She will be all sandal strap
and knee. Snaps and clips and hair
in mouth. Fabric sliced right off
then yearned precisely for.

If you’re any good at all,
she will radiate contentment,
accept recipes and underwear
long after she needs either.

She will also one day know
how small your life is
when set against the debt
you’ve kept at bay

to the bank and the world.
For a place you’ve carved:
a stubborn floor, a bird, a girl.

L. Stacks

Photo: weheartit