Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I've been just crazy over the new Liberty of London line at Target. I already love Target to begin with, but adding all of the new bright patterns has made me want to go there everyday. Sadly, it's quite a trek to Target from my place in Chicago, so maybe that will stop me from being tempted to buy too much. These are some of my favorites:

I would love to be able to register for some of this stuff, but most everything has been sold out online and in Chicago, plus I've heard horror stories about registering at Target. Apparently, they don't let you return things purchased from wedding registries, and people have gotten duplicates and then have had to keep them! I know I really shouldn't pick up any of these things right now since we'll be getting a lot of home goods for showers and wedding presents, but I just might not be able to stop myself.

L. Stacks

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SogniSorrisi said...

Such cute pieces! Love the last one.