Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Notes

Today I've been researching love letters from WWII for my current novel section. It's really fun to read the sweet notes between couples from the 1940s. Here are some lines from "Al" to "Jill," found at this great site. I wish all research were this engaging--and heartwarming.

"Men sit on their bunks, light cigarettes, and agree silently when someone says, "Here we sit,
waiting for the war to end." Then the whistle blows and we learn about keeping our noses clean, and something about first aid. When all is done, we resume our passive state, known in the Army as "As you were!" spoken in threatening, harsh, and clipped tones."

"What a silly letter this has been -- all of it directed towards the last paragraph where I can finally say that I love you. They are all that way. After each entry, the little voice pipes up, "Can I tell her now, huh?" and I say "No, jerk, wait for a few more lines. Got to make her think something of importance is going on, even if it isn't." But now there are enough lines and I can sit back and scratch my arms and write it simply, with finality, a little as if I were actually reaching for your lips. You have all of my love, darling."

L. Stacks

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Francesca Sillett said...

hello! great blog! i am also doing some research on love letters in the 1940's... here is my blog...

i have posted some telegrams my grandfather sent my grandmother... i was wondering what website you found this information? it is so beautiful! if only men were this romantic today, i think i was born in the wrong era... good luck with your book.