Thursday, January 28, 2010

book ends movie list: Avatar

2. After the surplus of praises for Avatar, I very curious to see what all the fuss was about. So I strapped on some 3D glasses and braced myself for IMAX goodness. First off, the movie started without any previews, or even any hint that it was the feature film--which I blame on the theatre (Navy Pier). So the movie started, and for the first five minutes I was thinking that it was an extended preview for a different movie. But soon enough I was enthralled by the special effects and the floating 3D flower petals and such. Unfortunately, watching a 3D movie for 3 hours gave me more than a bit of a headache. Aside from the dull ache behind my eyes, the movie was very fun to watch. And I wish I could say that the plot was as entertaining as the effects. But in all honesty, I found the plot to be very predictable, and full of one-dimensional characters. While the film had a good message about humanity and our earth, I found myself a little bored without any surprises whatsoever. If James Cameron had given Avatar's plot even half the effort he gave to its effects and cinematicness (this may not be an actual word?), then I think I would have more fully enjoyed the film as a whole.

L. Stacks

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