Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ruckus is Responsible:

Last night, I was in attendance at Roger's Park'sRuckus Theater, for their new show "Tell It & Speak It & Think It & Breathe It."

This collection of fourteen short plays based on well-known songs offered a unique way to look at how music affects each of our lives. As the artistic director explained, "Because the brain creates music, it's inherently personal, and lyrics become a part of our cultural and personal lexicon through which we interpret our world." While a few of the performances recited lines from its respective song verbatim, others simply presented a play using themes from the song. The "playlist" for the show ranged from songs by Cat Stevens and Paul Simon to Pearl Jam, System of a Down, and even Paris Hilton.

I loved the whole concept of this show. As an avid music-lover, it was really cool to see how each writer took a song and either heightened its meaning, or gave it new meaning. Some skits were just plain hilarious (Jeff Green's "Baby Got Back") while others were so quietly thoughtful that I don't think I'll ever be able to shake them out of my head (Aaron Dean's "Former Things"). While the theater itself is small (seating about 30 people) and a little chilly, I loved the intimate experience. While the show was longer than I had anticipated (nearly two and a half hours), I surprisingly did not find my attention wavering much throughout the entire performance. I would definitely recommend spending $10 on this show--and supporting the inaugural season of Ruckus Theater--over spending $10 on a ticket for some lame movie (Saw IV? Six, really?!).

L. Stacks


Adam Morgan said...

Don't disqualify the entire motion picture genre as "lame" based on the ungodly Saw franchise! There are ostensibly more bad books/plays/movies than good, no?

Ryan Dolley said...

Thanks for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed the show!

Ruckus Managing Director, Resident Playwright.