Friday, September 11, 2009

Home Improvement

So I'm officially a second-year MFA candidate, and seeing what it's like to live the life of a writer (with a few babysitting gigs thrown in here and there). So far, however, the life I've been living looks a lot more like I want to be a HGTV host rather than that of the next Hemingway. In the past week and a half, I've completed a move across the city (from Bucktown to lovely Lakeview) and have been hard at work making the new place into home--painting my Harry-Potter room Soothing Green Tea green, supplying a poem-of-the-week for my two ever-supportive housemates, and filling up my sturdy handmade bookcase (thanks, Dad!).

Now that I'm settled into the place, I'm hoping the inspiring photography on the walls, the fresh paint and our beautiful "secret garden" in the backyard will help me write.write.write.
So far, I've been working on a creative nonfiction essay about peas (yes, like the nasty little vegetables) and letting a few poems simmer (maybe I'll finally get my northern Michigan poem to feel just right). I have three poems due for workshop this coming Tuesday, and an eight-page creative nonfiction essay due on Thursday, so I'll have more writing updates to come--and maybe an excerpt or two!

Get out and enjoy the fall weather--I think I've decided this is my favorite part of the year.

L. Stacks

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