Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rescue Narrative: A Zine by Lauren Stacks

It's finally finished! (My last final and thus, the semester!)

This semester, in my Women & Gender Studies class (Sex and Gender in Pop Culture), we studied zines briefly and I became enthralled with the form. My current favorite is Doris.

That said, I decided to make my own zine for my final project for WGS404. For a group project, I had done a lot of research on the distortions of Grimms fairy tales into the Disney versions so many of us know today, and decided to focus my zine on that.


... Rescue Narrative #1 Cinderella
"Liberating Fairy Tales' "Rescued" Women, One Maiden At A Time"
[Above: Front and Back Cover]

[Inside my zine, you'll find background info on Cinderella,
including information about both the Disney and Grimms versions, and the different representations of her story that can be found today.
Additionally, I have rewritten the tale in hopes that
my version can help diminish some of the patriarchal values and
gender roles that the other versions promote.
Also, I simply wanted to write a version from Cinderella's point of view
so that she can actually have a voice, and explain what she wants.]

Excerpt from my tale:

One day, when my stepsisters were clinging to their mother's skirts while she tried to get supper ready, she said, "Ella, can't you entertain them just for awhile so that I can get this hot food on the table?"
I tugged their little hands in mine over to the braided rug by the fireplace. I tried humming to them, but they just crawled back toward their mother. I tickled one, but then the other would escape. I played peek-a-boo by holding an old pan up to my face, but still they would scurry away when my eyes were covered.
I turned, reached a finger into the cooling cinders in the fire. My finger a dusty black, I smeared lines onto my face. I became a cat, mewing and pretending to paw at my stepsisters. They giggles, mewing back. I pretended to wash a paw, to stalk along the rug like I was hunting for mice.
Enthralled, they laughed and shrieked, "Ella! Ella! Cinder-Ella!"
And so it stuck.

[If you want to read more, please leave me a comment and I can give you a copy of my zine.]


Whew, and now I'm ready to crash...

L. Stacks


Adam Morgan said...

Haha, best post ever!

Kelsey said...

I want a copy! Lauren Stacks, you are amazing. :)