Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Knowing When Enough is Enough

Yes, I'll admit, I'm an avid CSI and Law and Order watcher. Both have a sort of "pop-y" connotation; I'm sure artists don't generally sit around and chat about the shows' writers and producers, and yet, CNN has an interesting article about how CSI's William Peterson (Grissom) is leaving the show because he has felt that he has become too comfortable as an artist.

Peterson says, "It's 'CSI'--they pay me a lot of money, and I dont have to work very hard anymore. I've got it all figured out. And I just realized, God, as an artist, I'm going to atrophy."

Personally, I find this refreshing. How many successful artists out there (especially in the acting industry) actually have the courage to say, "Alright, I've let this run its course, and now I need to be done so that I don't screw it up." Think of all the movies that have been successful, and then had sequels and threequels totally leave a bad taste in the mouths of viewers that end up ultimately destroying the original's success. Back to the Future 3, anyone? Shrek 3? Home Alone 3?

But let's face it. Even us writers are guilty of this. J.K. Rowling has written a very successful seven-part series with Harry Potter, and yet that's not good enough so she has to print The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which I have heard is quite disappointing. (Although Amazon.com is selling the collector's edition for almost $200.)

I hope I have the knowledge and courage to know when to stop while I'm ahead, one day. And while Peterson is just a small example, I give him props... according to CNN's article, he is now in Chicago pursuing theatre. Best of luck to him, and I hope it doesn't just spur someone to write CSI: the Musical.


On a different note, let me just say that I really dislike Amtrak. The train I'm currently waiting for is a supposed 2 hours late. Grr.

L. Stacks

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Did you hear Mariska Hargitay's in the hospital with a collapsed lung? Yikes.