Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Design

Here's an excerpt from a poem I wrote about my grandmother, the second section of three. It is currently untitled. 


She sits across from you, her gaze smoldering like the cigarette
tucked between wrinkled fingers. At age six, you love
to wake up early on these mornigns at Grandma's house as you crave
the comfort of sitting across the table from this woman.

Not much is said, but not much is needed. The warm golden haze
of the room is thick enough to keep out all words, so only the most crucial
are uttered: look! a humingbird or the beach get bigger and bigger each year
or have some coffee cake. Your fingers itch to touch the pink crystal salt and
pepper shakers sitting in the center of the table, but you know she
likes it better if you sit still. More than anything, you want to please
the woman sitting on the other side of the plastic tablecloth.

And somewhere in-between the jotted answers to nine-down and seventeen-
across, she will glance at you as you squirm in the sqeaky
wicker chair and a small smile will form. She will shake her head, still hording
that smile, and tug at the diamond flower-shaped ring on her finger.

Now, reach out your slender fingers to grasp the salt shaker. Tumble it
over, small white grains cover the smooth checks of the tablecloth.
A gruff sound from her throat, and she is laughing. It's not pretty like the sparkles
on her fingers or the pearls on her neck, but you like it anyway.


I love my new blog design. Thanks to Adam Morgan for helping with the design!

L. Stacks

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Adam Morgan said...

I like the small details, the wicker chair, the salt shakers, etc, plus that unique narrative voice of yours. I've been reading through the listings in the 2009 Writer's Market this week, and almost every publication is looking for "unique narrative voices." And thanks for the shout-out; I'm glad you like the template/header.