Friday, April 16, 2010

Dork, Nerd, Dweeb or Geek?

Here's a little fun for my Friday post, because, well, we all need a little fun every once in a while, and this week especially I need some. I have been a little off in my postings, but I hope that after my weekend of cracking down and getting things done, I will be back to normal by next week.

I am cracking up over this image, which was found at by a friend of mine, and posted on her facebook:

I'm glad that I now know that I was incorrect in referring to my teenage self as a "nerd"--because, while I had the intelligence (I cried when I got my first, and only A-) and the obsession factors (I would read while walking home from school for heaven's sake), I fortunately was blessed to be socially competent. Therefore, it would be much more accurate to call myself a geek rather than a nerd. I'm so glad this has all been cleared up, aren't you?

Readers, while I'm sure you all are the coolest people on the planet, do any of you fall into these categories? How would you be labeled? (And do you agree with these definitions?)

Happy Friday,

L. Stacks

Photo: weheartit


ceo said...

Very interesting not sure how I would be labeled... probally very obsessive....


Mandy said...

Matt classified me as a dweeb....what do you think?

John Rett said...

I float between geek and nerd, depending on social situation :) During high school, I think everyone thought of me as a nerd.

Lauren Stacks said...

ceo--very obsessive is better than very socially inept :)

Mandy--tell Matt that HE'S a dweeb, hee hee.

John--maybe that has something to do with the calculator programs you made... although I admit I was kind of dazzled by them!