Friday, March 5, 2010

Bed-Making and Family Visits

This weekend my parents and younger brother are coming to visit! I'm excited to show them around the city and enjoy the warm weather.

My mom and I are going dress shopping, which is something that I'm looking forward to and also dreading. I just really dislike how pushy most of the saleswomen are, and how that can ruin the whole dress-buying experience. Personally, I don't like going into store where salespeople are constantly following you around, telling you how great something looks, or suggesting high-priced clothing. Anyway, wish me luck!

This morning, while I was doing some last minute cleaning to get the apartment looking spic and span for the big visit, I was making my bed, stretching and arranging my sheets and blankets and pillows. As I was doing so, I realized that I make my bed just like my Grandma Stacks always did... with the sheets and blankets tucked down rather than hiding under the pillows. I can remember my first lesson in bed-making, when I was probably nine or ten, and my Grandma instructed me on how to fold down first the quilts, and then the sheets. It was like in a hotel, she explained. And I always liked that. It's funny how, for all these years, I haven't realized that I inherited my bed-making skills from her--but I'm glad.

Have a wonderful weekend.

L. Stacks

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Golden Stilettos said...

I do the same thing when I make my bed! How funny, right?