Saturday, February 13, 2010


To hold myself more accountable to submitting more often (because how else can a writer get published except by constantly, constantly submitting?), I am going to share with you all the contests and such that I'm planning to submit to in the next few months.

February 15th (this Monday!!)
Chicago Tribune's Nelson Algren Award
For this contest, I am going to submit a short story, "Stick Shift," that I wrote two years ago now, and that I've been sitting on since then. I wanted to wait to send it out, to see if any insight would flash before my eyes, to make sure I knew it was "done." And for the past two years I simply have not thought of even one single thing that could change this story, the main character, or the ending. So, I think it's ready.

February 26th
National Society of Arts and Letters Competition in Short Story Writing (Illinois Chapter)
NSAL requires each writer to submit a short story written in first person, and another written in third person. I'll be honest: I'm not positive what first person story I'll turn in (I might have to search through the archives) but for the third person story I'll probably try to send out a chapter of my novel. Luckily, I have a couple weeks to figure this out.

March 31st
The Poetry Foundation's Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship
I'm actually pretty excited to apply for this fellowship. This submission is limited to poets between the ages of 21 and 31 and must include 10 poems and a 250-word essay about the poet's work. I am crossing my fingers that my inclusion in Nye's 25 poets under 25 anthology will be a nice publication to have on my resume for this fellowship.

Wish me luck!

L. Stacks


Jen said...

GO LAURAIN!!!! Good for you!! You are such a great writer! Good Luck!

Brittany Turski said...

You should post these on the Serif is website!...Very impressed by your ambition ;)