Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I SHOULD Be Reading...

I was assigned more than 115 pages to read for class tomorrow night, and I still have about 30 more to read, however I just can't seem to focus.

So instead, I've been thinking about... silhouettes. I'm not sure if all of my readers know this about me, but I love all things vintage. I think it started when my mom and I started cleaning out my grandmother's two-story, chocked-full house. I found myself thinking twice about things that I can normally gazed past--bright blue glass jars, her tapestried loveseat, old blue-green Mason jars, and dozens and dozens of framed silhouettes--and suddenly adoring them.

My grandmother's silhouettes have been an inspiration for me for our wedding planning, something that I keep going back to, and constantly googling images of. Here are some things I've found that have been a source of wedding inspiration.

Tomorrow, I will post a more productive writing-focused blog, I promise.

L. Stacks

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