Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Holidays & Welcome 2010!

During December my blogging yet again grew sluggish, but just like everyone else out there, I have made some New Year's resolutions, and one of them includes blogging 4 days a week. So, readers, kindly remind me to keep this goal if you feel another drought coming in the Book Ends world. I am planning on adding some new features to my blog in the upcoming year, and sharing with you some writing I polished during December, and some crafts I made as well.

And now, for a couple details from my Christmas holiday.

Below, Ike (my parents' elf) is smiling at you all from my parents' mantle. For the past twenty-some years, Ike has been coming to our house the day after Thanksgiving, staying until Christmas Eve when he joins Santa to return to the North Pole. He would "keep an eye" on my brother, sister and I and would be the first to report back to Santa if we were either naughty or nice.

It seems that Ike must have decided we were all nice this year, since we had a very big pile of presents under our tree. My mom surprised my dad and brother with tickets to see John Mayer in concert, and my dad in turn surprised my mom with a new cell phone, complete with texting.

And while everyone else is hunkering down to the work grind, I still have three more weeks left in my Winter break. Starting out my year as a writer certainly is one way to keep holiday cheer going!

More soon.

L. Stacks

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