Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Knit Hats & Winter Warmth

It seems that the winter chill has arrived--I broke down and put another blanket on my bed today since my house is one hundred and eighteen years old, and doesn't like to keep heat in its frail bones. My ears are always one of the first parts of my body to be affected by temperature, and so my wonderfully-crafty (and newly engaged!) roommate seemingly made it her mission to keep all of our ears warm this winter:

I'm just so excited for my new hat & so impressed by the handiwork that I needed to post a few pictures. I chose a nice plum yarn, and once the hat was knit and pearled, I added a few yellow-ish buttons for embellishment:

I'm hoping now it will be a cozy winter, full of warmth from our "fireplace," snuggly blankets, and nice, warm ears.

L. Stacks