Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Last year, for Halloween I cheered on my little brother in his state cross country meet and had dirt-cheap drinks at my hometown's one and only bar. This year, I have two Halloween bashes to attend: one tonight with my roommate, and one tomorrow with my fellow MFAers. I've been super excited about my costume idea for tomorrow (I'll just leave it a little surprise, and post a picture come Monday), however I didn't want to dress up as the same thing both nights, so...

I started scouring the internet for an idea for tonight. This is what I found and fell in love with:

So I've decided on an authentic hippie outfit (nothing cheesy like this one), and surprisingly, it doesn't differ too much from my normal day-to-day clothing. Groovy!

Happy Halloween, all! (And make sure you brush your teeth after all the candy-eating!)

L. Stacks

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