Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April is flying like the birds back to Chicago.

With just over a week left of poetry month, and my little blitz here looking a little more like a light sprinkling, here are two poems for your reading delight. These poems were written by a poet who I owe my whole poetry career to, the most kind-hearted person I've known. It's a good day when I find an email in my inbox from this poet, Jack Ridl. These are my two favorites.

Traveling Back
[Jack Ridl]

After his wife's funeral,
he pulled his car off
the back road, stopped
beside Wilson Lake and
watched the fog over the
water. It was a place
he knew well, a place where
the fog always came, a tired,
good dog sleeping at his feet.
He wondered what
grief was and why
it sat in him like the
stars. She had been
an empty glass, summer,
a quilt at the end of the bed.
She had been the words
he never said. There
was no moon. The night
was a mute savant. He
wanted to fly. He 
wanted to go home.

Living in the Twenty-First Century
[Jack Ridl]

Long before there was this day
another day came. Maybe it rained
or there was a little sunlight. People

got up and did what they always do.
Birds sang and the cats wanted out,
or in. You and I weren't here,

but the world didn't know. Trees
grew and nobody noticed. Someone
was cruel. Someone else

tried not to be. Maybe the weather
shifted unexpectedly and plans
had to be changed. This morning

we watched our day begin. We
wondered if it would be good,
wondered if it would rain.

L. Stacks

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Adam Morgan said...

Wow, I love the first one. If I could write poetry, I'd want to write something like that.