Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Explanation

Just a couple reasons why I have been a bit behind on my blogging lately:




But I promise I'll return shortly.

(The new puppy's name is Mackinaw (Mac), if you're wondering.)

L. Stacks


Adam Morgan said...

This is probably your best post ever.

Does #2 mean you can do origami now?

And despite some of its flaws, have you enjoyed Marquez?

Lauren Stacks said...

Best post?!

#2 means that for the Chapel Hill wedding, the Yamaoka family has to make a total of 1,000 paper cranes because of the Japanese tradition for good luck. And I signed up for 50 of them.

And I'm mixed about Marquez. I like the language and a lot of the stuff is really cool, but I just feel so bogged down sometimes from it all. And I'm to the point where I almost don't care about the characters because I'm sick of them and their similar names.

Nicole said...

Brian and I oooohhhhd and awwwhd over your dog this weekend! He is so precious. We want one ASAP!

Adam Morgan said...

Wow. I hoped you've avoided papercuts. And I pretty much completely agree with you on Marquez. Who says we don't have similar tastes?