Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not "Just" a Writer

All my life, I've been a crafter. From knitting to making photo collages, cross-stitching to decoupaging, painting and drawing and beading--even lamp-making. I figure if this blog is about me as an artist, why should it only apply to me as a writer, when I try to live creatively in so many other areas as well? So, from time to time, I'll upload some images of some projects I'm currently working on.


A couple of years ago, I made a trio of canvasses using three unique postcards I found. Below is an image of my favorite of the trio. Materials include paper and paint.

Image 1: Imagination is the eye of the soul.


I've recently begun a journal/scrapbook of random things in my life--places I love, my favorite tea, and things I stumble upon that inspire me. Materials include paper and photos.

Image 2: Up North [Labor Day 2008]


we've always called it "up north" for 
as long as I can remember. my feet 
would always slip on the wet rocks when I 
looked for petoskey stones. the blue sky 
always blends in with the lake and I love 
knowing there's a forest of pine trees behind 
me while I stand with my toes in the sand.

L. Stacks


Nicole said...

I love what you wrote about up north.. that was really creative!

I remember coming to your graduation openhouse and looking at all your creativity!

Adam Morgan said...

They're beautiful. You put Niffenegger's Claire to shame.