Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Again

"Snow is cold, rain is wet,
chills my soul right to the marrow.
I won't be happy 'til I see you alone again,
'til I'm home again and feeling right."

Song: Home Again
Artist: Carole King
Album: Tapestry

It's like you're scattered in a million different places, living like this. Family three hours away, a boy two and a half, friends all over the country--and yet, you want to be here, in this city, in your apartment with your books, your clothes, your quilts. It's hard being apart, feeling like you're apart from yourself because there's always something missing. But when you walk through the frosty streets, see the lights from the tallest buildings, and simply look around with amazement every second you're in this city, it almost makes your forget you need anything else.

I'm back from my holiday break, and I've resolved to really get this blog here going. I returned without finding any rejection letters in the mail, so that's one blessing. I'm determined to write five days a week, because this story just keeps rustling around between my ears, sometimes whispering and sometimes shouting, and until I get it out there won't be any peace and quiet. Oh, and there's also a bet, and I really don't want to lose. I'm determined to get through this season without my usual wintertime-blues, to try and smile a little more each day, as corny as that sounds. I guess you could say I'm figuring out my 2009 resolutions right here, right now, although I'm pretty sure I usually think NY resolutions are pretty lame and disappointing. 

Anyway. Loved Ben Button. Definitely go and see it if you have 3 hours to spare. A pretty perfect love story, in my opinion. 

Reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Thoughts to come. 

-L. Stacks

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Adam Morgan said...

I picture you typing this outside in the snow--or on your windowsill--while your glass-house neighbors wonder why their internet's a little slow :)