Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something New

The last time I attempted to become a blogger was five years ago, during the summer before my freshman year in college. From what I remember, it mostly consisted of my ramblings on what I did each day--for example, how I cried my eyes out the first night in my dorm room after a framed picture of my then-boyfriend shattered into pieces on the floor, leading to a later breakup with more tears. All the blog actually amounted to was leading me to become involved with another boy, luckily, one whose framed photograph has remained intact over the past three and half years. 

I suppose writing this on a very slow-moving, very cold Amtrak train is leaving me feeling nostalgic, thinking about other times I embarked on something new: my first writing class when Heather Sellers had us yell "Die, demons, die!" at the white concrete walls; my move to Chicago just three months ago, with my first glimpse of flowers in a city park; or even that day when I sat on a park bench on a cold evening in spring, and jumped--or leaned, rather--into in new relationship. The places we come from, the journeys that we've taken, and the way we've worn down the soles of our shoes are the stories that I think are the ones to be shared. 

Not that this blog intends to be an expression of my day-to-day activities, but instead a reflection on what influences me as a writer, what my opinions are on what I'm reading, and everything I'm discovering in my creative writing MFA program. I won't be as sassy as bookslut or as smart as word by word but I figure that in this age of computers all aspiring writers need a blog--well, and five more hours in every day, too. 

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