Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Little Miss Frankie!


Frankie! She's our newest little addition:
an extremely loveable Boston terrier pup.

Miss Frankie likes to sleep like a person...
errr, or a zombie.

She loves taking walks, and is especially sad when a passerby doesn't stop
to pet her and fawn over how adorable she is.
Frankie has her daddy wrapped around her little finger (toe? paw?)

and even Dougie (on right) knows who's boss,
giving up his spot in the middle of the couch.

Miss Frankie loves her ball. (Oh, and shoes, boxes, rugs, guitar stands.)

But most of all, Frankie loves hanging out with her mama,
including morning snuggles, lap-sits while I'm writing, lots of kisses,
and more puppy dog faces than I ever thought possible.

Stay tuned for plenty more puppy pictures!
And with this little gal sitting on my lap all day,
I have no excuse not to be blogging anymore ;)

L. Stacks (& Frankie)


Mandy Goetz said...

I am glad she loves the couch like I did. That couch has had so much love over the years!

Lori said...

You're using the treat-in-the-camera-holding-hand trick, aren't you? LOVE HER.

Lauren Stacks said...

Mandy-This is probably the last apartment for that couch... you want it when we move next? We've had to take the door off of nearly every place we've moved it in to.

Lori-NOPE! She's just that good ;) When she finishes her rounds of shots we'll have to have a date at the puppy park. She LOVES big dogs. Like latched on to my parents' golden retriever (with her teeth) and wouldn't let go.

Meg said...

Soooo cute!! Joe and I can't wait to get a pup - hopefully one day soon! :)