Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poetry Blitz, Three.

This post is the third installation of book ends'
National Poetry Month poetry blitz! Read about it here.

How To Sew

from Crab Orchard Review Volume 14, Number 1 Winter/Spring 2009

You need a mouthful of pins.
You need a Simplicity pattern,

the onion-skin sheets explaining--
with dotted lines, with numbers
and arrows--palazzo pants, a hooded dress.

The best part is the storeowner,
her rhinestone pince-nez glasses,

how she flips and flips your chosen bolt,
lavender fabric spilling out
like a colossal ribbon candy.

The best part is the sound of scissors
slicing through a poly-cotton blend.

You will need to learn
about edges, about gathers.

Meanwhile, the whole contraption
disguised to look like a table. Meanwhile,

lifting the lid, reaching in
for the smooth black cat, needle

for a mouth. Meanwhile, threading
the bobbin; the squeaking

of the foot pedal. You will discover
there is satisfaction in edgestitching.
Edgestitching and stitch ripping.

You will wear the flawed apron,
but only you will know the flaw.

You will learn to tie off knots.

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