Friday, April 1, 2011

National Poetry Month! [year three!]

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Again this year, I will celebrate National Poetry Month again in Chicago. What this means is that as I walk down the sidewalks without my winter coat and breathe in the springlike air, I don't really see the effects of National Poetry Month. No one is wearing berets, carrying bongos. I don't hear an overabundance of metaphors. To put it simply: I am disappointed.

At Hope College, where I received my undergraduate degree, NPM is starts with a bang--or, a blitz. As a combined April Fool's Day/NPM event, students wake up on April 1st to find the campus sprinkled with poems: taped on doors, windows, sidewalk squares, or tied to trees and bikes. Little elves had been hard at work all night long to make sure that even non-English majors at Hope College could experience Billy Collins or Walt Whitman or even their fellow students' poetry. And the blitz's effect was clear: even the college's janitors contacted English professors, telling them that they sat around during their lunch breaks reading the print-outs, keeping them tucked next to their mops and buckets.

So, what will follow over the next month will be a (small) poetry blitz of my own. Enjoy, and I only wish you could have stumbled upon these treasures hanging from a tree or maybe in your mailbox.

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(Note: this post is a repeat of a post from two years ago, but in order to explain my intentions, I decided to repost it. Why try to say it again, when I already explained it best?)

P.S. Here are other Hope College alumni who took the opportunity to write about and/or continue blitzing after their years at Hope: Katie. Susan. K Maria.


KTB said...

Thanks for the shout-out Lauren! Seems so long ago now... but there is a small poetry blitz happening on Facebook as Hope grads post poems on one another's walls. Not quite the same, but comforting nonetheless.

Jen said...

I never realized that was what all of those poems were about. Thanks for finally explaining it to me! haha