Thursday, March 24, 2011

California, Here We Come

Tonight we're jumping on a plane after work and headed out to sunny California for a little five-day vacation. We'll be visiting T's sister, his aunt and great uncle while we're there (in Huntington Beach, in Orange County), soaking up some sun and while T is hoping to get in some golf, I'm hoping to pump up my word count (while sitting outside, of course!).

California is one of our favorite vacation spots; we've been going there to visit since our first year of dating, in 2005, and we have so many great memories there from the past six years. We've watched sunrises, walked to the beach while eating clementines, biked along the coast, and whale-watched. And here we are in Laguna Beach back in 2006--so young!

Can't wait to share some pictures from our little trip with you all next week! I'll try to bring some sunshine back with me!!

L. Stacks

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Mandy said...

So jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you both have a wonderful time! XOXO