Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Writing Mood

With a 100+ page thesis deadline looming one week from today, I've been cracking down on my novel, and spending many hours revising, researching, and writing, writing, writing. But in order to do so, I've had to get into the 1930s mood, as the section I've been working on takes place between 1931 and 1943. In order to do so, I've researched images from the 1930s and 40s (see above), I've read old magazine articles from that time (so interesting!), and I've been listening to this. I'm hoping that some of my time spent watching Boardwalk Empire also helps me get into the writing mood. Now all I need is to put some feathers in my hair and learn how to fix it into finger waves.

What do you do to get into your writing projects? Please share--I can always use advice!

And now, time to get down to it.

L. Stacks

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Jen said...

Boardwalk Empire! Have you guys finished season 1 yet?