Monday, February 21, 2011

[book ends] weekends

My dear readers, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. As always, I wish I had snapped more pictures, but it is a habit that I'm sure will take awhile to get used to. (And I know I'll be very thankful once I'm used to it because I'm so sad about some of the things I've missed taking pictures of in the past few years.)

This weekend, I spent time drinking wine and catching up with girlfriends from college (and no, didn't take pictures, boo). Then, my in-laws came to visit and we had a relaxing day playing cards (T & I won!) and eating at our favorite restaurant, Angelina's. T had bugged his parents for weeks to bring one of their Boston Terrier doggies to visit, and as you can see, they surprised us with one! :)

Our new table runner--can you tell we're hopeful for spring?

We got coffee from my new favorite place, and I flipped through
the boden catalogue, and fell in love with this raincoat,
Our doggie surprise!
Playing cards.

And last, but not least...

The mister hanging out with man's best friend while watching TV.
(He had no idea I was taking this of him... hee hee! Isn't it just adorable?)

I think the doggie needs a name, what do you think?

Have a great week,
L. Stacks

P.S. I took these pictures with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone... what do you think? I kind of like the grainy, vintage look to them. But I need to play around with the App more to learn all the different options. Any advice?


Jen said...

Such great pics! I like the vintage look to them too! Still thinking of names!

JulieH26 said...

Oh my gosh - I love that picture! So cute! Maybe your new "puppy" can come over and play with Riley...

a woman's right to shoes said...

Such cute pictures, sounds like you've had a great weekend =)

Lauren said...

Jen- I'll take some fun vintage pics of you guys whenever you come visit! :) Soon I hope!

Julie- That sounds like a great idea! We need to get together soon. I have a hankering for more raspberry chocolate cake. I sure hope Dan got a piece!

AWRTS- It was great, thanks!