Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[book ends] weekends

Well I'm posting this weekend post several days late, but only because I have needed to be 100% lazy for the past couple days after I turned in 115 pages of my thesis to my advisor on Monday. For the past month and a half nearly all my spare time went into revising the first five chapters of my novel, so it has felt really nice to just relax, watch TV and play Words with Friends on my NEW iPHONE! (My husband's wedding gift to me... only a few months belated!)

I don't have many pictures from the past weekend because it consisted mostly of writing, or sitting around knowing I needed to write, but instead staring at a computer screen and scrolling uuuupppp and doooowwwn my 115-page document. (One of my favorite things to do... It's so fulfilling to see a body of work that long with your own name on it.)

But, what I do have documented is: breakfast in bed (courtesy of my husband). Saugatuck Coffee Company, my new favorite local coffee shop (and it's less than a block from our apartment!). And some little kiddo feet because I spent part of the weekend working overtime for the family I nanny for while the parents were on vacation (don't those little shoes just make you melt?).

This coming weekend, I have a wine & cheese night with some girlfriends, the in-laws visiting on Saturday, and some crafts to do, so I hope to have much more exciting pictures the next time around. Is it the weekend yet? :) (And the good news is that it almost is!!)

L. Stacks

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Jen said...

Breakfast looks delish!