Monday, January 31, 2011

[book ends] weekends

Inspired by Kate from For Me, For You, and her Bits of My Weekend posts, I've decided to institute a similar trend here on [book ends]. For a long time now, I've regretting not taking more pictures of day-to-day things, and most specifically on my weekends (because let's be honest, for any working twenty-somes, weekends are what we spend our whole week pining for). So, each Monday from here on out I'm hoping to post a handful of pictures from our weekend adventures, no matter how boring I may think they are.

This weekend is T's birthday weekend, and so we ate well. The first pictures are from Zed451, an all-you-can-eat steakhouse which was swanky, fun, and delicious. T's former roommates joined us and we ate our fill of meat and drank our fill of wine. The last photos are T's birthday dinner, homemade by yours truly. The menu consisted of lasagna in our lasagna trio pan (which makes plenty of crust pieces, his favorite), bread from our breadmaker, and chocolate flourless cupcakes with a chocolate coffee glaze. The last photo shows my most productive part of the weekend: reaching 104 revised thesis pages (though some still will need future revisions, of course). Enjoy:

Have a lovely week,

L. Stacks


Chitownmez said...

omg. lasagna trio pan? WANT.

Tara said...

woohoo lauren! way to be super productive! food looks awesome! I want that lasagna pan (I love crusty pieces!) I miss you! You and T look great!

Casey said...

Way jealous of your lasagna pan, and your adorable short hair! Hope the b-day celebration was a blast and you stay warm through the oncoming storm!