Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deck the Halls

The mister and I got our first Christmas tree a few weeks ago (sadly a fake one, because of allergies) and set it up when we returned from our Thanksgiving holiday in Iowa. I got the tree for a great deal ($40, marked down from $120 at Joann’s) and while it’s a pretty skinny little thing, I’m just glad we can have some holiday cheer around for our first Christmas together.

[Our little tree!]

It had been killing me that I hadn’t crafted anything since our wedding, and our lack of holiday décor and a shortage of funds to buy all the Pottery barn and Crate & Barrel holiday decorations we long for has left perusing Etsy for inspiration. I’ve found several handmade items for sale that I decided, well, that I could make myself. And the first of those inspirations became this:

[Crafted from Michael's paper mache letters, vintage sheet music,
modge podge, craft glue and red glitter]

Next on my list of holiday crafts include this little treasure, and this fun gem, whenever I find the time, that is. And once I collect enough glass ornaments, I'd love to make this.

Readers, what do you do for the holidays? My mom is the queen of Christmas décor, and so I hope that someday I will have enough Christmas items to follow in her footsteps with loads of holiday trim, two Christmas trees, and plenty of vintage charm for the future holidays.

Happy holidays,

L. Stacks

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jwitten said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Super fun crafts planned! Hope you are enjoying your break!