Thursday, December 16, 2010

book ends book list: Larsson's "The Girl" Series

10. /11. /12. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo/ The Girl Who Played With Fire/ The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson

I read 80% of this series on our plane ride to and from Hawaii during our honeymoon and while my new husband slept by the pool or watched sports in our villa (marriage didn't make him any less nuts about sports... hee hee). The main thing I liked about these books was that once I got into them, I could hardly put them down and that I didn't have to think too much as I read (which is very important after thinking wayyy too much about wedding details for several months).

But (yes, there's a but) I really disliked how long it took for each book to actually get going. Each of the installments was four- or five-hundred pages long, yet, in my opinion, each book could have been trimmed down to half its size, if Larson had just gotten to the point quicker, and hadn't lingered on so much backstory and explanation. By the third book, I definitely wanted to see what would happen to all the characters, but all Larson seemed content to have them do was sit around over open-faced sandwiches and chat about what the other characters might be up to.

While the last few hundred pages of each story was super action-packed, and always filled with numerous twists, I also had a problem with the lack of character development in the books. The heroic womanizer was still a heroic womanizer in the end. The brave and smart but irrational girl was still a brave and smart but irrational girl in the end. In short, beside the events that happened between the first and third book, nothing actually changed about the characters.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a easy read, and who enjoys being entertained without thinking to hard. But to those who might be looking for something deeper behind their next reading session... choose The Help or You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know.

L. Stacks

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