Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Word Count Wednesdays: Week... 4?

And now it's time for another Word Count Wednesday! (I guess I only got through three of these before my major hiatus, but I'm back in business again.) As you can see from the bottom of my screen shot below, my first week back to the writing grind wasn't terribly successful, but at the same time wasn't a total loss.

That's right, 1,744 words this week and it will only go up from there. This weekend, T is planning on watching lots of football, which, in turn, leaves me with plenty of writing time while he yells at the T.V. and such. I'll be reorganizing the first 50 pages of the novel, and charting out what else needs to happen in those pages, so hopefully I'll be back next week with some clearer goals for more inspired writing.

Happy writing!

L. Stacks

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hugewater said...

Yelling at the tv?!?! That's just crazy talk.