Monday, October 4, 2010

An Introduction

Hello. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I used to post semi-regularly on this little site here. I'm afraid you've been missing me for awhile now and probably don't even recognize me anymore, but I glad to say that I'M BACK!

I don't quite understand how it's been three months since my last post, but somehow, it has. A lot has happened in the past three months... I've read a lot of books, watched tons of movies, found employment as a nanny for three adorable children, finished settling into our apartment and, oh yeah... got married!! (In fact, I've officially been married for one month, today!)

[A sneak peek... the newlywed Mr. & Mrs.!]

Today I am posting to let you all know that I am coming back in full force. Now that the wedding is over, thank yous are in the mail and I've finally gotten into the working routine, I will be dedicating all my spare time to 1. (and most importabtly) finishing my thesis and 2. keeping you all updated on my writing, reading, movie-watching and life in general on here.

I'm currently working on several wedding posts--complete with pictures--as well as photos from our honeymoon trip to Hawaii. So keep checking in... I promise you won't be disappointed!

L. Stacks

[Sidenote: while I have legally taken T's last name as my own, I have decided to keep "Lauren Stacks" as my pen name, as I already have a publication under this name, and because I wanted to be able to not lose my maiden name completely--besides, there's such a ring to Lauren Stacks, isn't there? That said, I will continue to use Lauren Stacks on this site, as the site is directly related to my professional writing life.]


Mandy said...

Welcome back!

Jen said...

So glad you're back! Great job posting this week!