Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Word Count Wednesdays: Week 2

This week I fell a little short on meeting my writing goal... I sadly only wrote 1,012 words. I'm not going to throw out a bunch of excuses or anything, rather just hang my head a little and vow to write more next week.

As one of my faithful readers, and soon-to-be sister-in-law told me yesterday (before my big writing streak this morning): "350 words is better than 200 words." I think that part of my problem was that I didn't write for several days and as each day passed the weight of the words I hadn't written made it even harder for me to sit down and write, since I felt that I needed to catch up.

So, what I've learned this week was that feeling bad about not writing makes the whole situation worse: rather, I should just try to get in what I can, try to meet my goals, but if I don't meet them, make sure that I keep writing anyway.

L. Stacks


Jen said...

Hey at least you are honest with your readers! Over 1,000 words, I think, is impressive, even if it is shy of your goal! Here's to the start of a new week! Yay Lorraine!

Lori said...

That's why I like to write so many words a day when I'm trying to get something hacked out. Usually, if you make yourself try to do 300 words a day, you'll end up doing more. A little a day adds up. Don't feel bad about this week---look forward, never back.