Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Go Tigers!

[Tigers game, Sept '09, Cellular Field]

Hello, readers! I'm getting excited because tonight T & I and some of his friends are heading down to Cellular Field to watch the Detroit Tigers play the White Sox. It's strange because I am by no means a sports fan, yet I actually like to go to baseball games.

Maybe it's all the rules and abbreviations, or the commotion of a home run, or the insanity of how much people care... all I know is that when I go to a baseball game, I feel like I'm participating in something that I don't quite understand, yet, I'm still enough on the outside of it that it allows me to poke fun at those intense people--my fiance included--who do understand it.

My love of going to baseball games actually stems from my fascination with the die-hard baseball fan. Last year, at a White Sox v. Tigers game in the fall, the Tigers won, and so the Sox fans that were surrounding our little island of Tigers fans found it fitting to throw none other than handfuls of peanuts at us--and to thus get kicked out. In the same manner, whenever I left my seat to grab a drink or run to the bathroom, whole sections of people would boo at me and my Tigers hat... to boo at a girl who doesn't really even care who wins or loses! All I can do is laugh, and so I do a lot of it at games like this.

So here's to throwing peanuts, RBIs (whatever that means), and lots of home runs tonight--for the Tigers, of course. And to laughing.


L. Stacks

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Anonymous said...

Aww, looks like a blast! Can't wait to see you soon!! :)