Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Proud Sister

As I said in my last post on Friday (yes, I know, I didn't exactly get around to posting a Lovely Monday post yesterday... sorry), my younger brother competed last weekend in the Division 4 high school Track & Field state meet. And as I promised, here are the results from the day:

2-Mile Relay (including the little bro): 2nd in the state
The Mile: Kyle is STATE CHAMP !!
The Two-Mile: Kyle is 6th in the state
The Mile Relay (including the little bro): 2nd in the state
Concord places 6th in the Mile, wins the 400 meter dash and wins the Two-Mile
A win by the Concord High School Men's team--edging out 2nd place by 3 points!

Just look at all those excited faces! I just love how happy the whole team and all the fans were... and after all the hard work all the guys put in this season, they surely deserved the win. And in the fall the little bro will be off to run for Central Michigan University--a D1 college! What a stud.

Great season, Kyle and the Concord men's team!

L. Stacks


Jen said...

:-) Love these posts!

Mandy said...

Congrats Kyle!