Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Would Have Worn: Sunday Afternoon Wedding

As I explained earlier, since I don't have a job yet, and need to be saving up for a few very important things (rent for our new apartment, honeymoon (!!), etc.) I've given myself a rule for the summer: I'm not allowed to buy any new dresses.

Since T & I will be attending 6 weddings this summer (not including our own) I could go dress-crazy and spend way too much buying new dresses for each event. And as it is, I have about 2 dozen dresses in my closet already. (And most of these dresses I dearly love and yet have only worn once or twice.) So, rather than buying new dresses, I am instead going to *pretend* like I was able to buy myself new little outfits for each wedding.

This Sunday, we're attending a friend's wedding in Wheaton, and I know it's going to be a lovely Sunday afternoon affair. Since it's a Sunday wedding, I don't think the usual LBD would quite fit the dress code--rather, I'd opt for something a little more cheerful and relaxed for the event. This is what I picked out:

Cotton Blakey Dress in Light Ginger from J. Crew $118

I adore the ruffles on this dress, and love the creamy color--luckily I've been able
to get some sun these past few weeks since, well, I'm unemployed,
so I think the color wouldn't wash me out too much.

ZiGiny Mallorca Sandal (in natural) from $89.95

I just think these sandals are so fun. Lately, I've been admiring
all the gladiator sandals, and been pining for a pair of my own.
I love the feathers and beads on this pair.

Amazing Eyes Chandeliers from Anthropologie $38.00

Pretty Pebbles Bracelet from Anthropologie $48.00

I think that both the earrings and bracelet would bring out
the colors in the sandals, and add a little pizzaz to the
light colored dress. I am terrible about wearing bracelets...
for something reason I just never think to put one on.
But I think it would look great with this outfit.

What would you wear to a Sunday afternoon wedding?

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