Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love: Cookouts!

Note: This week, my Lovely Mondays post is one day late
because yesterday was a holiday,
and therefore it wasn't the start of the new work week.
So, today, please have a lovely Tuesday, and a great shortened week.

[On Mondays, I post about something that I love. Mondays are such rough days--does anyone out there actually like the start of a new work week? Does anyone say, yay, Mondays are marvelous? So to cheer myself up, and maybe my readers, too, I've decided to officially name my "I Love" posts on Mondays: book ends' Lovely Monday posts. Because wouldn't the day be so much better if you tried to think about lovely things?]

I'm back after what was probably the most idyllic weekend of my whole 2 years in Chicago thus far. I laid on a blanket in the sun next to Lake Michigan for all of Saturday, went to a memorial day weekend party down the block on Sunday and on Monday lounged around during Chicago's thunderstorm and watched nearly a dozen episodes of Entourage. Plus, we cooked out twice during the weekend--which, as you can tell by the title, is something that I love.

Now, let me just say that I don't love to grill (as in the action of grilling) personally but I'm fine with prepping for the grill, and rather I let T do the actual grilling (he loves it, there's no arm-twisting on that one). On Saturday we made delicious teriyaki skewers with steak and chicken and red peppers and mushrooms and shrimp. Oh, and we threw some pineapple on the grill as well. And on Sunday my roommates and our friends all grilled some burgers and had some watermelon and sweet cherries. Are you getting the picture on why I love cookouts yet?

Once we move into our new pad, one of the first things we have to do is set up a grill in our little patio area so that we can continue our 2-3 time a week grilling regime we have going!

I hope everyone had a lovely memorial day weekend and has a lovely Tuesday.

L. Stacks

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