Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I'm about to head out to Michigan--yes, for the second weekend in a row--for my little brother's high school graduation party. Sometimes the thought of being in the car for nearly 4 hours can put me a bad mood, but today I'm feeling cheery. It helps that I bought a travel-sized paper cutter and I'll be cutting all the paper for our wedding invites during all the time in the car the next three days, which will keep me from getting bored.

Also, I'm sure it helps that I've been watching this video from the Glee season finale, and I can't be anything but pumped after seeing this. You've gotta check it out:

Glee--Season Finale Performance--"Journey Medley"

I hope the video brings a smile to your face, and starts off your weekend with a kick!

L. Stacks

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