Thursday, June 3, 2010

book ends movie list: Burn After Reading

4. A few weeks ago, on a rainy Sunday I watched the Coen brothers' Burn After Reading on HBO on demand. I had heard mixed things about the movie--though I'll admit most of what I heard was negative.

I enjoyed the movie initially. It seemed unusual in it's plot and I really enjoyed Brad Pitt's role as the dumb fitness club employee. Which is why I was bummed (spoiler!), to say the least, once his character was killed half way through the movie. And after that point, the movie seemed to go downhill for me. The ended seemed short and too abrupt to me. In all, I found myself somewhat confused by the whole thing, and feeling unsatisfied by it all. Maybe I missed something--like the point? I understand that the Coen brothers write a lot of satire, but I guess I didn't see what was being made fun of.

Anyone else have an idea for me?

L. Stacks

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