Friday, May 21, 2010

((sheepish look))

I know, I know... I said that I would be better about posting, and then I left you all hanging after 2 days this week.

But, this happened because 2 good things happened: 1) Apple fixed my computer's CD/DVD drive, so I was without a computer for a day and a half and 2) T & I found an apartment last night, and just had to go out for a celebratory dinner with our friends!

Right now we're jetting off to Michigan for wedding #3 out of 6 for the summer, so I can't post much more than this. But get excited because as soon as I can I will post my "What I Would Have Worn" post and will blog about out apartment (cross your fingers that our application goes through!).

Thanks for sticking with me :)

L. Stacks

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Jen said...

Those look like T's feet.