Friday, May 7, 2010

I Would Have Worn: Holland, MI Tulip-Time Wedding

Readers, since I don't have a job yet, and need to be saving up for a few very important things (a security deposit on our new apartment, honeymoon (!!), etc.) I've given myself a rule for the summer: I'm not allowed to buy any new dresses.

Ouch. This one hurts a lot. But really, I don't need any new dresses, considering I have about 2 dozen in my closet right now. And since T & I will be attending 6 weddings this summer (not including our own) I could go dress-crazy and spend way too much buying new dresses for each event. (Besides, some of the dresses that I own, I dearly love and yet have only worn once or twice.) So, rather than buying new dresses, I am instead going to *pretend* like I was able to buy myself new little outfits for each wedding.

So... this is what I would have worn to our Tulip-Time (a festival dedicated to the Dutch and to, well, tulips), chilly-May, Holland, MI wedding this Saturday.

Anthropologie Castle Lake Dress $89.95
(It's on sale! Does that mean I can splurge on it, then?!)

I love the pattern in this dress, and the subtle reds and blues that would look outstanding surround by all of Holland's bright tulips. Not to mention the adorable corded straps--reminiscent of boating on Lake Michigan, anyone?

Paired with:

J. Crew Featherweight Cotton Ruffle Cardigan $79.50
A nice, navy (nautical?) cardigan with ruffles for when the chilly air off the lake comes in.


Sperry's Women's Top-Siders $85
The classic lines of these boat shoes would surely fit with the style of the dress, and the water-resistant soles would help out with any rain in the Holland skies.

So on Saturday as I wear my brown and cream flowered dress (an Anthropologie sale item from last year) I'll imagine that I'm decked out in my navy blues and the castle dress with some red lipstick. :) I can't wait to go "shopping" for my next wedding outfit in two weeks for my cousin's wedding...

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