Friday, May 21, 2010

I Would Have Worn: Classy, Cosmopolitan Grand Rapids Wedding

As I explained earlier, since I don't have a job yet, and need to be saving up for a few very important things (a security deposit on our new apartment, honeymoon (!!), etc.) I've given myself a rule for the summer: I'm not allowed to buy any new dresses.

Since T & I will be attending 6 weddings this summer (not including our own) I could go dress-crazy and spend way too much buying new dresses for each event. And as it is, I have about 2 dozen dresses in my closet already. (And most of these dresses I dearly love and yet have only worn once or twice.) So, rather than buying new dresses, I am instead going to *pretend* like I was able to buy myself new little outfits for each wedding.

Tomorrow we will be attending my cousin's wedding in Grand Rapids, MI, and the classy, cosmopolitan reception at The B.O.B. (which stands for the Big Old Building). The following makes up what I think would be the perfect outfit for the event:

J. Crew's Silk Chiffon Taryn Dress in vintage blue $215.00

I love the sleek lines of this dress, the twist in the bust, and
the bright, vivid color.

Anthropologie's Fancified Drops Earrings $32.00

I saw these at the store yesterday and almost splurged. Almost.

This are probably a little different than my ordinary shoe, but I loved
the glamour and sparkle of these. They would look great among
the chic decor in The B.O.B.

What do you think? Too sassy? I'll be dreaming of this ensemble tomorrow as I boogie down and catch up with my family.

Have a great weekend,

L. Stacks

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Meg said...

Great ensemble! I love how the drop at the bottom of the earrings mimic the circular gems on the shoes... would have been a lovely choice for the wedding.. I feel your pain -- no more shopping for me either :(

Luckily, this summer I only have one other wedding to go to - but I'll admit, I did buy a dress from anthro that I had my eye on! was on sale, I couldn't resist! :)